UFC 232 Results: Jon Jones and All His Chemicals Defeat Alexander Gustafsson

Probably the best thing about being Jon Jones isn’t all the physical gifts that have made him excel in the sport. Nor is it skill in the cage, which has come after countless hours of training in the gym. No, the best thing is the fact that he can take all sorts of drugs and get away with it.

Sure, he’s been penalized and suspended and all that jazz. But the fact of the matter is, UFC 232 was supposed to be in Las Vegas last night, but because Jones had steroids in his system, the UFC moved the event to Las Vegas because Jones wouldn’t have gotten licensed by the Nevada commission. That’s something right there, folks.

So Jones fought Alexander Gustafsson in the UFC 232 main event, and if you’ll recall, when they first fought, Gustafsson gave Jones his toughest fight ever. This one was pretty even for the first two rounds, all of it primarily contested on the feet. With Gustafsson wielding the same kind of lankiness, he was able to pick at his foe with strikes at distance, although Jones just kept chopping away at his legs with kicks.

Jones scored in the exchanges, nailing Gustafsson with a knee and a punch her and there, but the Swede kept him honest.

Then came Round 3, when Jones simply took him down, pounded on him, secured back-mount, and punched away. Gustafsson was pretty defenseless at that point, so the ref jumped in.

Once again Jones is the champ. And once again, we have to stare at the clock and wonder what drug test Jones is going to fail next.

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