Bellator 212 Results: Good Grief, Someone Please Make Frank Mir Retire

As a reminder to the old adage about heroes never truly dying, just fading away, we had Bellator 212 last night, and Frank Mir. Mir, you see, was a UFC hero and heavyweight champ back in the day, and a total killer. But against total scrub Javy Ayala, Mir was totally killed.

Good grief, someone please make Mir retire.

For those who don’t remember, in his initial UFC run, Mir was a unique kind of heavyweight. He was an absolute stud with jiu-jitsu, and submissions came faster than lightning. Then one day he shattered his leg in a motorcycle accident, and the storyline changed to whatever comeback he could muster. And he sort of did make a comeback, winning the interim heavyweight belt by beating Big Nog. But the dude is old now, and this sport is unkind to the elderly.

Things were going well against Ayala at first. The opening round pretty much had Mir showing flashes of his former skills on the ground. Ayala defended and escaped everything, but Mir was in control.

Then things petered out in Round 2, and with Mir forced to resort to slugging it out… well, it was Ayala’s game then, and eventually Ayala messed up something in Mir’s mouth that forced Mir to tap out.

Mir has now last eight of his last ten fights, with his current losing streak at four. Someone needs to step in and stop this cat from killing himself in the cage, because Mir is simply too old to even beat a scrub now.

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