Bellator Hawaii Double-Header Primer: Chandler, Machida, Mir, King Mo – Oh My!

I have no idea why Bellator keeps doing this, but there are yet again two Bellator events this weekend. Bellator 212 and Bellator 213 are Friday night and Saturday night, respectively, and the cards… actually have some compelling fights on them (or at least, some compelling names).

The main event on Friday night is the long-awaited rematch between the man who should be king, Michael Chandler, against the man who has the crown via a strange confluence of circumstances, Brent Primus. You see, back in 2017, Bellator was doing their thing at Madison Square Garden, and their best lightweight (Chandler) was fighting someone far from the best (Primus).

But! Chandler slipped on a banana peel (or something) and injured his leg, and boom! That was it. Primus was suddenly the Bellator lightweight champ.

Sadly, for whatever reason, Primus hasn’t defended his belt against anymore, and it’s taken forever for this rematch to happen and for the universe to reset itself.

Oh, and Frank Mir is also fighting on the Bellator 212 card.

As for Saturday night’s extravaganza, we’ve got promotional newcomer and perpetual karate man Lyoto Machida on tap, as well as King Mo, Ed Ruth, and anyone else who wanted a free trip to Hawaii.

So yeah. Good times, good times.

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