Anderson Silva Continues to Push For a Conor McGregor Fight in Final Stretch of Career

As Anderson Silva gets set to embark on the final stretch of his storied career, the legendary fighter continues to push for a bout with Conor McGregor.

The 43-year-old Silva is booked to fight rising star Israel Adesanya at UFC 234, February 9th in Melbourne, Australia. Recently the Brazilian fighter met with media as part of the opening of his new gym in Los Angeles. While doing so, Silva relayed that he plans to fight three more times after he faces Adesanya, and that further, he wants to face McGregor during that stretch (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“At his point in my career, I believe that the good challenge is the superfight,” Silva said. “I talk to {UFC president] Dana [White] about Georges St-Pierre, about McGregor, about McGregor especially because McGregor is a challenge, this fight. I just talk to Dana a lot about the fight that’s very interesting, fight to this guy. Because he’s an amazing fighter and a legends in this sports and let’s go see. That’s a good game, superfights, and it’s very interesting for my fans.”

“I believe 180 is good for me and McGregor,” Silva added, while discussing what weight a scrap with McGregor could take place at. “So I just wait because I don’t control this. This is the question for Dana but maybe that this is amazing fight for the fans.”

Could a fight between McGregor and Silva actually materialize? Right now, it seems unlikely, as McGregor has said he wants to face Khabib Nurmagomedov again or whoever can get him back in a title fight. Further, McGregor would be giving up a lot of size to the 6’2 tall Silva.

But, when it comes to this crazy sport, you just never know. If Silva loses to Adesanya and McGregor loses his next bout at 155, or just decides he wants a challenge like facing Silva, maybe this happens.

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