UFC 232 Results: Amanda Nunes Crushes Cris Cyborg In Less Than a Minute

You know the expression “live by the sword, die by the sword”? Well, in the co-main event of UFC 232, featherweight queen Cris Cyborg lived by the sword of her striking… and she died by it.

Taking on bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes is the most super of female MMA superfights, it was expected there’d be a good bit of leather thrown. Both Cyborg and Nunes are known for their punching power, after all. And it took all of about 15 seconds for these two to starting slinging heat, with Cyborg standing right in front of Nunes firing away.

But then Nunes started connecting, with her killer rights followed up by left hooks, and Cyborg started stumbling. At first Cyborg went to a knee, then another hit made her do the Funky Chicken. Finally, at 51 seconds, Nunes landed one that spun Cyborg around and made her kiss canvas.

And that was all she wrote. Nunes is now the bantamweight and featherweight champ, and she’s the first to defeat Cyborg in years.

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