UFC on FOX 31 Primer: Al Iaquinta Is a Rare Wine That Should Be Savored

Al Iaquinta Khabib Nurmagomedov UFC 223

This weekend’s UFC on FOX 31 will be the last UFC event on FOX before the jump to ESPN, and the UFC has brought out a rare bottle of wine for this special occasion.

His name is Al Iaquinta.

Sure, when last we saw Iaquinta, he was getting pounded on by Khabib Nurmagomedov. But the fact of the matter is that Iaquinta was a last-minute replacement, he went the distance with Khabib, and HE’S AL IAQUINTA.


What’s the big deal about a dude that hardly ever fights in the Octagon anymore? Well, strip away the fact that he was a runner-up on a season of TUF, and that he was clobbering opponents pretty regularly and building up hella momentum before bailing on the sport, and you have a man who just doesn’t give a f**k. When he takes the mic after his fights, he’s the Iron Sheik v.2. And he’s tough as nails and salty as heck.

Seriously, Iaquinta used to fight in underground events in New York back when MMA was illegal there. He’s simply just a fighter. And it’s not like he’s fighting for money – he makes a living as a real estate mogul. He doesn’t need UFC paychecks like the rest of fools… Like UFC on FOX 31 opponent Kevin Lee.

Iaquinta has already beaten Lee before. I’m sure “Ragin’ Al” is sure he can beat Lee again. He’s probably doing this fight just because a main event victory means he can take the mic and riff about who’s on his sh*tlist.

Who cares why he’s fighting, though! Iaquinta is fighting, just enjoy that for what it is!

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