UFC on FOX 31 Results: Al Iaquinta Batters Kevin Lee for Five Rounds, Takes Decision

Al Iaquinta Khabib Nurmagomedov UFC 223

He was a runner-up on a season of TUF, and most recently lasted longer against Khabib Nurmagomedov than Conor McGregor did. That’s right, I’m talking about Al Iaquinta, who gets to headline the final UFC event on FOX opposite Kevin Lee.

Iaquinta beat Lee by decision back in 2014. But since then, Lee’s pretty much smoked everyone (except for Tony Ferguson), while Iaquinta has become a real estate agent (no, seriously). However, “Ragin’ Al” is still tough as nails, as evidence by his fight against Khabib, and still somewhat relevant.

How does this final fight on FOX go? Well, let’s just say that Iaquinta is a boss on the feet, and has no problems eating jabs if he can put that cross upside Lee’s head. In no time, Lee is fighting while moving backwards, throwing kicks and punches that land occasionally but seem to do nothing to stop Ragin’ Al from stalking him like a hunter.

Twice Lee gets Iaquinta down and takes his back. However, both times see Iaquinta defend against the choke and escape.

It’s likely even going into the fifth round, but when Iaquinta finally stuffs Lee’s takedown, and continues beating his face into putty…. well, let’s just say that Iaquinta deserved every bit of that unanimous decision.

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