When Will Braun Strowman Return? Possible Spoilers To TLC PPV

When Will Braun Strowman Return?

‘- For anyone who watched Monday Night RAW yesterday, Braun Strowman made it crystal clear that he would not recover in time for the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) pay-per-view (PPV), thanks to his elbow injury. RAW’s GM Baron Corbin decided to keep their match as is, which would force the Monster Among Men to forfeit the bout, resulting in a win for Corbin and thus changing his GM status from ‘elect’ to ‘permanent’.

As per WrestleVotes on Twitter, it seems that Strowman just may be out well past WWE’s December PPV, and it seems as if the match could turn into a multi-superstar team bout. Read tweet below:

For those who may recall, something similar occurred back in 2012 when Ryback + Team Hell No battled the Shield, after CM Punk couldn’t perform in the originally-scheduled one-on-one against Ryback, due to a knee surgery. With Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley now in a new alliance, this scenario could very well be played out once again; especially since Elias and Finn Balor were attacked by this newly-formed stable last night, meaning, these superstars could also help form a multi-man bout.

– Speaking of TLC and Braun Strowman’s match, there is a ton of speculation whizzing around the what will happen when it comes to this match, and its outcome; especially since Baron Corbin’s GM status is riding on the entire bout.

While the Monster Among Men might not be able to participate in the entire match, could he still have a role in Corbin’s downfall? Current reports have surfaced that Alexa Bliss may replace Corbin as GM, should he lose the match come TLC, and especially since WWE Officials clearly want to keep Little Miss Bliss at the forefront of television, since she is still cannot participate in the ring, due to a concussion injury.

PW Insider Elite Audio’s Mike Johnson recently noted that there may be a way that Strowman could get involved, without working the entire bout; a one-sided squash match where a pin comes very easily, without him having to do too much.

A very interesting scenario, should it come to fruition. Fans should also keep in mind that things change within the WWE everyday, especially when it relates to outcomes if PPVs. There’s also a very good chance that Bliss could get cleared for in-ring action by the time TLC rolls around as well.

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