Update on Roman Reigns’ Health Battle

According to the Wrestling Observer NewsletterRoman Reigns has now begun his treatment for leukemia. The news came shortly after Roman Reigns had relinquished his title due to health reasons.

Update from Roman’s Cousin

Roman Reigns

Roman’s cousin, Lance Anoa’i has released a statement regarding his cousin’s fight against leukemia. While he mentioned he could not disclose a time frame for his cousin’s return to the ring, he did disclose the family would like to see his return sooner than later.

“We have no idea on a time frame yet [for his WWE return] but we hope it is sooner than later!” – Lance Anoa’i

During the interview with Wrestling Inc, Lance mentioned the Anoa’i family encountered more bad news over the past couple of months. He mentioned his father Samu – who used to wrestle as a part of the Headshrinkers – was diagnosed with liver cancer. Understandably, this is a difficult time for the Anoa’i family.

Respecting the Family’s Privacy

Roman Reigns

While we aim to keep you posted about Roman Reign’s battle against leukemia, we also find it important to provide the family with the privacy they need. Thus, we will only post official statements made by the Anoa’i family.

As wrestling fans, it can be difficult to see our heroes go through something difficult in their life. While we all feel the urge to do something and help, the best thing that can be done for Roman and his family is to provide them with the privacy they need. So, when official statements are released by the family – in their time and at their convenience – we will keep you posted.

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