UFC 232: Alexander Gustafsson Has Interesting Take on Why Rematch With Jon Jones Will End Differently

Ever since Alexander Gustafsson lost to Jon Jones there’s been calls for a rematch, and now that another fight’s been booked, “The Mauler” has an interesting take on why it will end differently.

If you’re an old school fan, then you know the stars battled back in 2013, and that Jones won the bout via unanimous decision. You also know that the fight was extremely entertaining and competitive, so much so, some people even had Gustafsson winning the bout.

As a result, buzz about the two fighting again has never really gone away, and Jones – Gustafsson II has been booked again for UFC 232, December 29th. In advance of the bout, Gustafsson appeared on the latest “MMA Hour”, and he had this to say about why he lost their first encounter, and why the rematch will be different (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“It’s been five years, so let’s see what happens,” Gustafsson said. “I’m just going to make sure I’ll be in my best shape ever, and I’m going to make sure I’m going to do my homework for this fight. Everybody knows what Jon brings to the table, and whatever he brings, I’m going to have an answer for it.

“I think I just respected him too much the first time. I didn’t have the same experience like I have now, and these are different times. It’s a new time, and it’s my time. That’s how I see it. I see myself [having evolved], and I’m going to stay busy, we’re going to do this rematch, and everything’s just going to go like I want it to be. Like I said, it’s my time, and no matter what happens, I’m not leaving that Octagon without the belt. I’m going to show the world, the guy who’s never been beaten is beatable.”

Too much respect huh? So, based of these comments and Gustafsson’s recent prediction that he’ll KO Jones in round four, it certainly sounds like we could see a more aggressive “Mauler” in the rematch. It also looks like Gustafsson isn’t short on confidence, even if Jones has repeatedly claimed he underestimated the Swedish star, and didn’t train properly for the bout.

“Whatever Jon comes with — he says he didn’t train for the first fight, whatever, I don’t care — I really hope he brings his A-game,” Gustafsson said. “I really hope he brings his best to the table, because I’m getting ready for the best…”

Can Gustafsson hand Jones his first legitimate defeat? We’ll find out on December 29th.

UFC 232 will be hosted by the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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