UFC 230 Results: Lyman Good Smashes Ben Saunders Into a Thousand Pieces

It was a shame that New York City-based fighter Lyman Good never got to fight on the first Madison Square Garden card, but he more than made up for it at last night’s UFC 230.

Taking on the crusty veteran Ben Saunders, who first appeared on TUF back in the 1980s, Good came out aggressive, strong and ready to take his opponent’s head off. Which he nearly did – due in no small part to Saunders trying take Good’s head off as well.

The two wasted no time clinching, with Saunders firing off knees while Good blasted him with uppercuts.

The uppercuts won, and when Saunders collapsed to the canvas, Good hammerfisted him to death for good measure (pun intended).

Add Ben Saunders to the list of fighters who must retire lest they die soon.

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