Tony Ferguson Lays Into Khabib Nurmagomedov For Pursuing Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fight

Khabib Nurmagomedov has been campaigning for a bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. as of late, and understandably, Tony Ferguson has laid into the UFC lightweight champ for doing so.

Following Nurmagomedov’s submission win over Conor McGregor last month, the undefeated fighter called for a bout with Mayweather Jr. At the time, no one really thought much of it, even though Mayweather Jr. said he was down. After all, it’s hard to imagine that the UFC would let Nurmagomedov take a boxing match, considering how long the 155 championship picture was put on hold, on account of McGregor fighting Mayweather Jr.

Further, when you consider how that bout went down, do that many people really have any interest in seeing Nurmagomedov box Mayweather Jr.? Someone, who while being one of the greatest grapplers on earth, isn’t regarded as a top-tier striker?

Well, despite all this, recently Nurmagomedov was quoted saying that a fight with Mayweather Jr. interests him more than a fight with Ferguson. So one could conclude that Khabib still thinks there’s a shot of this happening. This is likely why “El Cucuy” recently posted the comments below:

Now, from a financial perspective, you can understand why Khabib is angling for a fight with Mayweather Jr. The chances of it doing even nearly as well as Mayweather Jr. – McGregor are slim to none, but he probably thinks, and or hopes, it would still deliver him a fat check.

Hopefully, Nurmagomedov – Ferguson gets booked sometime soon, and we can put all this talk behind us. That’s the fight hardcore fans, and even many casual fans, want to see. They are the two best lightweights in the game right now, and it’s long past time that we see them fight.