So Long Sage Northcutt, We Hardly Knew Ya

Sage Northcutt UFC Fight Night 133

It appears Sage Northcutt‘s run as a UFC fighter has come to an end.

According to UFC boss Dana White, it was time to give the wholesome glass of milk his walking papers because, well, Northcutt kind of sucked. White said as much while on the UFC Unfiltered podcast, but here’s MMAFighting with the transcribing:

“His contract was up, so we let him go,” White said.

White couldn’t say what Northcutt’s next move would be, but he sounded optimistic that the fighter would gain experience elsewhere and possibly return to the UFC in the future.

“We let Sage go,” White said. “Sage is young and Sage needs some work. So let him get some work in one of these other organizations and we’ll see where this kid ends up in a couple of years and maybe we’ll pick him back up again.”

In case you forgot, Northcutt materialized in the Octagon out of thin air, courtesy of a star performance on “Dana White’s Looking for a Fight” show. However, since Northcutt was about 90% good looks and 10% skill, he was fed easy fights galore. Regardless, he still managed to lose two out of his six UFC fights… hence, his being cut.

Actually, he was likely cut because his contract was for far more than what he’s worth, but whatever. The result is the same: ol’ Sagey is going to fight in other promotions, and either get better or not.


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