Ronda Rousey Vs. Charlotte Flair May Still Be On For WM 35

Ronda Rousey Vs. Charlotte Flair May Still Be On For WM 35

While Survivor Series may have lacked luster last night, the last two matches of the night sure made up for the entire pay-per-view, with Daniel Bryan proving that dangerous things come in small packages (even thought I don’t agree with the ending of his match against Brock Lesnar – that’s another article), and Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair undeniably stealing the show.

Like most wrestling fans that peruse Internet spoilers, Wrestlemania 35 seemingly came early when Flair was injected into the women’s championship bout due to a Becky Lynch injury. As most have come to know, Rousey versus Flair had been touted as the flagship event’s main event for months now, a coveted spot that seemingly has been on the table to hand over to the women come 2019. Still, most fans wiped the idea of The Queen versus The Baddest Woman on the Planet simply because the WWE really had no other choice than to insert Flair into a match to keep the momentum of the final Big Four PPV of the year. Surely thanks to them colliding at Survivor Series, a WM 35 match would be scrapped.


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When I used to hear the name @rondarousey the first word that came to mind was revolutionary. She was dominant and charismatic. I wanted to be the “Ronda” of WWE Since day one, I have worked every moment of every day to make a lasting impression; to cement my legacy and change the game. Then, Ronda walked through the curtain at last year’s Rumble… I told myself that I would do everything and anything to make sure our paths crossed. I am a competitor, a legacy in wrestling and I wanted nothing more than to test my mettle against an Olympic medalist and former world Judo champion. “The Baddest Woman on the Planet” It was not to be. It’s been a difficult few months. Surgeries, feuding with a former “bestie” and then losing the first women’s “Last Man Standing” match at evolution. It wasn’t meant to be. The match I had dreamed about wasn’t to be this year. Destiny is a funny thing. In one night, I went from competing in a 5 on 5 to my dream match on four days notice. Through no doing of my own or Ronda’s, we will share a ring tonight. Destiny is a funny thing… Tonight, I reach my goals and show the wrestling world who I really am. Tonight, I accomplish my dream and show the world that nobody in this division can lace my boots! #survivorseries #rouseyvsflair #wwe

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Once the announcement that Flair would replace Becks hit the airwaves during SmackDown LIVE, it seemed as WWE officials were singing a new tune, and wrestling spoilers began to point to the Lasskicker versus Rousey for the close of WM 35. After all, their Survivor Series match was flawlessly buildup, and the bout everyone seemed to have their eye on. Within a card that was poorly hyped up due simply to many other events on the road to Survivor Series (i.e. Evolution and Crown Jewel), everything about the Lynch and Rousey program had people invested: from the ladies’ in-ring promos, to video montages, to their social media banter. The WWE Universe was very interested in Becky Lynch versus Ronda Rousey; they wanted to see these two women collide; they yearned to see these two women collide; and with no Survivor Series match and the ladies on different brands, Rousey versus Lynch for Wrestlemania, and to close the WWE’s Grandest Stage of Them All, simply makes sense on so many levels. Not only does Becky Lynch have a tremendous amount of momentum with fans right now, Rousey has considerable backing from management to be the next top face; meeting at Wrestlemania and closing the event seems like the thing to do.

Having said that, the way last night’s entire match between Rousey and Flair was booked, a clear message has been sent: whatever went down between Charlotte and Ronda is not over by a long shot. No clear-cut winner means these two could go head-to-head again and that their program isn’t complete; the fact that Flair went off on Rousey and attacked in the way she did means Rousey will be up for revenge and willing to strike back at any given moment. Mix in the tremendous and entertaining bout they pulled off, and they had fans, including me, wanting more.

Much like Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair bleeds blue, not being on the same brand means that storylines could fade away until the next PPV, and the Flair versus Rousey program could continue to slowly build each month until we hit the Road to Wrestlemania; however, the match could have also been booked the way it was to keep fans (and Rousey) preoccupied until Becky Lynch is better and can deal with Ronda during WM 35 season for match buildup, which is always an option. Just because Charlotte and Ronda aren’t on the same brand now, doesn’t mean this can’t change, it also doesn’t mean that they can’t visit either show now and again. Another factor to consider is Lynch’s injury. A broken nose doesn’t take that long to heal; however, concussions can be tricky. Perhaps Charlotte’s attack on Rousey with an unclean finish is the WWE’s plan B when it comes to WM 35.

Then, there’s the idea of having a triple threat between these woman at Wrestlemania, and as awesome as that would be, it would not appease the fact that the Lasskicker deserves a high-profile one-on-one with Rousey at some point in the game.

Only time will tell how this all truly unfolds, but score another point for the women’s wrestling revolution, which continues to have the entire WWE Universe talking about the ladies the morning after a PPV.

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