UFC Fight Night 140 Results: Ricardo Lamas Pounds Out Darren Elkins, Bringing Him Inches Closer to Death

The shelf life of a fighter who relies on his durability and resilience to wear opponents out is a short one. After all, the human body can only absorb so much damage over the course of a career – even if that human body has proven superhuman at times.

Such is the case with Darren Elkins, who took on divisional elite Ricardo Lamas in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 140. Why did these two guys get matched together? I have no clue. The event was the UFC’s first in Argentina, and since most of the card was filled with South Americans, maybe this was the bout that would’ve garnered some appeal from Stateside fans. Or something. Who knows.

Anyway, Elkins has always been great at taking damage, and Lamas sure obliged him.

Lamas hurt him with leg-kicks, hurt him with punches… essentially, hurt him nonstop, until Elkins was a bloody mess and needed the ref to jump in to prevent a fatality.

I don’t know how close we are to Elkins’ expiration date, but if he keeps taking on the elite fighters, the dude is going to jumping over to a bare-knuckle boxing promotion soon lest he die.

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