Ortiz Destroys Liddell In Heart-Breaking Display of Old Man Fighting

Tito Ortiz Chuck Liddell

Well, they went ahead and did it, and it was sad as hell. On the Golden Boy MMA pay-per-view, at the top of an utterly meaningless card, faded legends Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell fought for a third time. And unlike the first two bouts, this time Ortiz out-struck and crushed Liddell.

Also unlike those first two times: it was heartbreaking. Because, you know, these guys are old men now.

To put things in perspective, consider this: their first fight was in 2004, and their second was in 2006. It is now 2018.

In addition, Liddell was basically run out of the UFC and forced to retire because his once iron chin had turned to glass. Ortiz, on the other hand, has waffled back and forth from retirement to beating on dudes in Bellator.

So guess how this one went? Essentially, Ortiz chased “The Iceman” down, out-boxed him, and when he was confident enough, flurried like a beast until Liddell was taking a nap on the canvas.

It took roughly four and a half minutes, and it was sad. Why are commissions licensing Liddell to fight?

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