More On Brock Lesnar’s New Deal + Titus O’Neill On Hulk Hogan

More On Brock Lesnar's New Deal + Titus O'Neill On Hulk Hogan

‘-As has been reported since Crown Jewel, Brock Lesnar winning the Universal Championship once again went hand in hand with a new, fairly hush-hush, new contract with WWE. While details are still not fully known, Dave Meltzer has reported that the deal runs through at least WrestleMania.

Where things get really interesting is that, in recent months, Lesnar has been open about his desire to return to UFC. He went so far as to step back into the Octagon on a recent UFC PPV. That move appeared to set up a big money MMA event between Brock Lesnar and current UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier.

While it is suggested that Lesnar’s new deal is very flexible-as in, it does not restrict him from working in UFC while under WWE contract-one question being posed is: would Lesnar want to? With the chance that Cormier wouldn’t be able to fight Lesnar until April, it could throw a wrench into the planned mega-match. Cormier has said he was retiring when he turns 40, and his birthday is in March.

Something else to consider-Daniel Cormier has stated in the past, he has interest in working for WWE in some capacity. Could the big money Lesnar-Cormier match happen not for UFC, but rather WWE?

-When Hulk Hogan was re-instated a few months back, there were still plenty of critics. People wondered how some of the locker room would feel sharing space with Hogan after his comments became public. Several African American Superstars had spoken out at times about Hogan following the controversy, and now one is speaking out following his return.

Specifically, Sky News reports that Titus O’Neill has come out and stated that he has no beef with Hulk Hogan. He continued by saying he sensed no ill will in the locker room with Hogan, and that he was on board with whatever decision the company made.

This stance is notable, because Titus was one who spoke out initially about putting Hogan back in the Hall of Fame.