Miesha Tate is Latest Fighter to Question “Circus Act” Side of MMA

Miesha Tate

Following the nasty lead-up to UFC 229 and the post-fight incident, there’s been a lot of discussion about how MMA is being promoted by various fighters and promotions. Now Miesha Tate’s relayed she’s not a fan of the “circus act”, which seems to have become commonplace with fighting.

If you missed it, recently ONE Championship announced that Tate has been brought on as a vice-president for the growing, Asian based promotion. Following that news, the former UFC champ spoke with Sirius XM Fight Nation, and Tate had this to say about her decision to take the job (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I know those are the two, really important roles,” said Tate, who will also be doing some color commentating in her new position. “But again this was part of the reason why I was going to make this trip over, so that Chatri and I can really sit down and hash it out. I thought we would wait to make the announcement until we kind of had that. But I’m ready for this. I’m not looking backward, I’m looking forward. And whatever it entails, I know that I’m ready for it.”

“I’m sort of a purist when it comes to martial arts,” Tate said. “It really appeals to me what ONE is doing, because they have that fanbase that’s again more about the martial art than it is about the crazy, circus act, entertainment aspect that it seems like more of the Western market has adapted. I think it’s gonna be a perfect fit.”

Now, Tate isn’t the only person who has made similar comments recently, in terms of the trash talking and shenanigans that accompany so many fights these days. In fact, after Demetrious Johnson moved to ONE, he admitted he’s looking forward to competing in an environment where slinging insults and making brash statements aren’t key to selling fights.

If you’ve watched any ONE cards, or follow their social media and promotional materials, then you know that the tone is much more respectful. In fact, the company’s brand is more about “martial arts” than “mixed-martial-arts”.

Is this everyone’s cup of tea? No, and even fans who believe things have gotten out of hand lately, like with Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor, would likely admit they enjoy some drama prior to fights. But, Tate’s comments are in keeping with concerns others have expressed lately, whereby more emphasis needs to be put back on what happens inside the cage, rather than outside of it.

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