JBL Goes After Cody Rhodes

Former WWE wrestler and commentator John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) attacked Cody Rhodes in a Twitter tirade last night.

JBL celebrated his 52nd birthday last night, so people assume he had one drink too many. The tweets came out of nowhere and seemed to be quite personal in nature.

JBL’s Twitter Tirade


Some of the tweets written by JBL were deleted shortly afterwards, but fortunately WhatCulture was able to get a hold of all the tweets and report on those Layfield had deleted. See screenshots below.

For some reason, JBL found it necessary to attack Cody Rhodes and his late father Dusty Rhodes with the following tweet:


After saying he would “kill” Cody, Layfield continued his attack by calling Cody a tool and saying he was not in his league.


The worst of the attacks has already been deleted by Layfield, but WhatCulture managed to release the content of the tweet, which was as follows.

“Hey dumba**, your dad can’t save you, dipsh*t.”

Cody has seen the Tweets and responded to them. He did not take Layfield’s bait though, which is admirable on its own.


Fans Jump to Cody’s Defense

While Cody did not take the bait, Cody’s fans were quick to come to the defense of the indie star. Here are some of the tweets that stood out most to me.


Some fans also responded saying JBL had blocked them years ago. Some of those fans even claimed JBL had blocked them for saying nice things about commentator Mauro.


JBL has hit another low, but does not care one little bit about how he comes over. His tirade will not affect his standing with the WWE unfortunately. All I’m saying is, this is the type of person the WWE recruits and supports. Still, JBL is in good graces with Vince, so I doubt this little tirade will have any real consequences for him.

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