Is Chris Weidman’s Run at 185 Done? Coach Weighs-In on Possible Move to 205

Following Chris Weidman’s devastating loss to “Jacare” Souza” at UFC 230, there’s been plenty of discussion as to what the future holds for the former middleweight champ. Should Weidman change things up and move to light-heavyweight?

Weidman’s defeat last weekend marked the fourth time in his last five fights that he’s lost. After UFC 230, the New York fighter’s striking coach, Ray Longo, appeared on the Anik & Florian podcast. While discussing the possibility of a move to 205, Longo had this to say (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“Now he’s got a couple of things to decide,” Longo said. “A couple of people mention maybe moving up to 205. I really did think the weight cut went really well but who knows?”

“. . . The more you get the weight-cut down and your brain’s not dehydrated. The brain is the last place to get the fluid when you rehydrate, so again, maybe 205’s a better fit because I don’t see this ever happening in the gym. Ever. . . So maybe 205 might be a place where he comes in stronger, more coherent, all those things.”

It will be interesting to see whether Weidman decides to leave 185 behind. Could the “All-American” be a contender at light-heavyweight?