Invicta FC 32 Primer: Who Will Be the Next Featherweight the UFC Feeds to Cyborg?

Invicta FC 32

There’s another Invicta FC installment looming, with Invicta FC 32 bringing us all the usual female fights minus whatever potential stars the UFC wants to take for their own.

Look, at this point in the game, it’s clear Invicta has become something of a garden where fistic flowers are sent to grow. Once these flowers blossom, the UFC plucks them and hands them like a bouquet to whichever female fighter on their own roster needs someone to scrap with. And yes, that includes UFC featherweight queen Cris Cyborg.

Which brings us to Invicta FC 32’s main event: a match-up between Felicia Spencer and Pamela Sorenson. Who? Exactly. Spencer is 5-0 in the sport, and the featherweight belt is up for grabs, but… what happens if Spencer – or even Sorenson – wins in impressive fashion? Will they get sent to the Octagon gallows, where Cyborg will execute them?

There are other somewhat notable fighters on the card, like almost-TUFer Ashley Cummins (yes, her claim to fame is that she fought to get into the TUF House and lost).

The co-main event has a pretty badass fighter in it. Mizuki Inoue was solid veteran of the Japanese circuit when she came to Invicta a while back, and though she has thus far failed in her efforts to become Invicta’s strawweight champ, hey, the night is still young.

So. Invicta FC. Girl fights. Should be fun.

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