Henry Cejudo Believes UFC’s Flyweight Division is on The Chopping Block

Lately there’s been speculation that the UFC is looking at cutting the flyweight division, and now the promotion’s 125 champ, Henry Cejudo, has also reported he’s heard this.

Even before the recent news that former flyweight champ, Demetrious Johnson has moved to ONE Championship, rumors were making the rounds the UFC was thinking about axing that division. Although Johnson is one of the greatest fighters ever, and despite the fact he defended the 125 belt a record 11 times, “Mighty Mouse” never became a significant, mainstream commodity. In addition, while most hardcore fans would agree the division provides outstanding action, the rest of the division hasn’t captured the attention of the masses. Thus, the talk lately that the flyweight division is on the chopping board.

Well, recently Cejudo was on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and while discussing his next bout, the flyweight champ and Olympic Gold Medalist wrestler said this (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I think more likely that T.J. fight might happen,” Cejudo said. “That T.J. (Dillashaw) fight might happen if they’re going to be done with the flyweight division. I think that cat’s out of the bag and Dana had mentioned that to me. He said, ‘Hey Cejudo, we’re going to take you up on that challenge for you to go up against T.J., but this is what the company has been thinking about for while.’”

So, if you’re like myself, and want to see the flyweight division continue in the UFC, then these comments don’t bode well. Dillashaw has been pushing for the bout with Cejudo to take place at 125, as that would give him the opportunity to become a champ-champ.

“I like both ideas,” Cejudo said. “I kind of left it off to him. I said, ‘I don’t know but I want to fight you.’ I want to fight T.J. and I want to go after the next best thing, and I think that’s him.

“Let’s do it at ‘25 or let’s do it at ‘35, but let’s fight, man,” Cejudo added. “I believe T.J. wants to fight me too.”

So, it will be interesting to see what happens here. It certainly doesn’t sound like Dillashaw – Cejudo is going to take place at 125, and increasingly, it looks like the flyweight division is doomed.

Really, if the UFC was still thinking about keeping the 125 division, you would think that they’d be looking at say Dominick Cruz or Marlon Moraes for Dillashaw’s next opponent. After all, Cejudo has never defended the flyweight title. Or, they would have Dillashaw – Cejudo take place at 125 to try to inject more interest in the bracket.

Cejudo avenged his previous loss to Johnson in August, by defeating the renowned fighter via split decision.

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