Frankie Edgar’s Latest Comments About 135 Serve as a Reminder as to Why He’s a Legend

Despite the fact a lot of people believe Frankie Edgar would be an instant contender in the bantamweight division, it doesn’t sound like the former lightweight champ has any intention of making the drop. Why is that? Well, the reasons Edgar has given serve as a reminder as to why “The Answer” is a legend.

For some time now, there’s been talk about Edgar dropping down from 145 to 135, especially after the star lost for a second time to now-former champ, Jose Aldo in 2016. Edgar, however, remained at 145, and proceeded to work his way back into title contention by stopping Yair Rodriguez last year. But, after he was quickly put away by Brian Ortega in March, calls for him to move to bantamweight spiked again. Even Edgar’s striking coach, Mark Henry, relayed that he would “love” to see the veteran fighting at bantamweight.

Well, the 37-year-old didn’t do so, and instead, he worked his way to a decision win over Cub Swanson in April. More recently, Edgar spoke with MMA NYTT, and he had this to say while discussing why he doesn’t drop to 135:

“If you can make the weight and you can perform, all the power to you. That’s how this sport is set up. I’m not knocking anybody for that but if I wanted to be the best dieter, I’d f–king be a jockey,” Edgar said with a laugh. “I’m a little dude and I’ve always been a little dude and I think I like being the little guy in there battling the big dudes.

“I like to show that hard work and technique can overcome anything.”

“I just don’t feel I need to,” Edgar said. “Could I? I probably could and maybe if an opportunity arose, maybe I would but I don’t feel the need for it.”

Now, even if you think that Edgar should drop down, as a means to increase his chances of winning a second division’s title, you have to admit the comments above are gold. Even when Edgar was fighting at 155 he was repeatedly told he was too small for the division, and he went on to win the title. During his run at that weight, he defeated the legendary BJ Penn twice, Gray Maynard, and Sean Sherk among others. The New Jersey fighter has a desire to compete and test himself that may be unmatched in the game.

The big question is, however, who Edgar is going to face next, and whether he can work his way back into another title fight at 145? Currently, Edgar is sitting in the #3 spot, so, he’s probably one key win away from doing so, especially if Max Holloway remains champ. The latter is set to face Ortega on December 8th at UFC 231.

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