The fierce and great puncher Francis Ngannou fought his way up the heavyweight food chain only to be stopped by Stipe Miocic. Then he lost his subsequent bout, and everyone was ready to write him off – me included.

But when given a rematch with Curtis Blaydes in the main event of UFC Fight Night 141, Ngannou reverted back to his old ways. And this time around, he accomplished in 45 seconds what it took two rounds to do in their first fight.

Really, all it took was for Ngannou to find Blaydes’ “off” button, which he did with a massive fist made of stone and bad intentions. Blaydes was kissing canvas at that point, and struggling to wrestle his way to safety, but Ngannou was like, “Nah, kid” and kept pounding away. The TKO came soon after.

I wouldn’t say Ngannou is ready to be thrown back into the title-contention mix. I would, though, say it’s good to have a big, exciting slugger back on the upswing.