Daniel Cormier Echoes Brendan Schaub’s Take on Brock Lesnar Bout

Recently Brendan Schaub argued that Brock Lesnar’s going to be a tougher test for Daniel Cormier than Derrick Lewis, and it looks like the champ-champ agrees.

Cormier faced Lewis at UFC 230 last weekend, and as many expected would be the case, “DC’s” wrestling and top game ruled the day. Cormier repeatedly took Lewis to the floor, and in round two, he defended the heavyweight title by sinking in a fight ending, rear-naked-choke.

Well, Schaub recently argued that Lesnar will be a tougher fight for Cormier, than Lewis, during an episode of his podcast.  Here is some of what Schaub had to say (quote via MMA Fighting).

“[With Lesnar] you’re talking a complete freak,” said Schaub. “Athletically, is he the biggest freak to ever do it? He’s f**king up there, man. We don’t talk about it enough. A guy at his age and with his background – he’s not even a part time mixed martial artist. It’s a hobby for this man and can go in there and compete with the best of the best. Imagine if he dedicated his entire life from when he was young to this sport. And he’s fighting through sickness!

“He’s (Lesnar)  f**king tough to deal with. No one goes in there and is like, ‘Ah this is a gimme fight.’ Even DC’s not like that. I promise you Brock Lesnar will be a tougher fight for DC than Derrick Lewis was. We don’t give that man enough props.”

What’s Cormier’s take? Following his win at UFC 230, the accomplished wrestler recently appeared on MMA Junkie Radio, and he said this (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“I think it’s tougher, because he kind of cancels out the wrestling,” Cormier said. “I can’t just go take Brock Lesnar down at will like I was able to with Derrick Lewis. And he’s big and athletic and super fast. Also, he has a size 5X glove, so if he’s able to land one of those strikes, it could be the end of the night. I truly do believe it’s the tougher fight.”

“This one was a clear path to victory,” Cormier said. “I’ve always done well against guys that have to just knock me out to win. I just feel like I’m good enough at avoiding strikes to just take that one good punch that’s going to put me out. When there’s a clear path, I usually will take it.”

There you have it. Now it remains to be seen if this plays out like Schaub and Cormier believe. But, there are solid reasons to believe Cormier will need to beat Lesnar via the stand-up route.

There’s been no word yet as to when Cormier and Lesnar will fight, although “DC” has expressed an interest in having it take place in March.

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