UFC Fight Night 139 Results: Cowboy Doesn’t Get Killed, Instead Taps out Mike Perry

Every moment we get with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone where he’s not unconscious is a moment to cherish. And that’s just what we got in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 139.

Years ago, Cowboy would’ve been immune to the threats posed by an overpowered slugger. But the passage of time, and the eating of many knuckles had made Cerrone mortal – and few can test the limits of mortality like Mike Perry. So yeah, it was a little scary that old man Cerrone was going to face Perry in the UFC’s Denver event last night. Because Perry may not be a world-beater, but he’s really good at punching dudes unconscious. What would that mean for our beloved Cowboy?

Thankfully, the man with about 800 UFC fights on his record dodged Perry’s efforts to decapitate him, and after clinching and trading knees, the fight eventually went to the ground. And though Perry was on top, hunting for a chance to put his fist through Cowboy’s skull, instead came an armbar from the man on the bottom. Perry tried to escape, but was soon forced to tap.

I would say the good guy won, except Perry was totally a gentleman before, during and after the fight. I guess it’s hard to have bad blood against a dude as cool as Cowboy.

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