Corbin-Strowman Plans + Lesnar-Strowman Not At WrestleMania?

‘-Since the Crown Jewel triple threat match changed due to Roman Reigns‘ recurrence of leukemia, many fans expected Braun Strowman to become Universal Champion. As we now know, that did not happen, with Brock Lesnar becoming champion again. Thanks to the assist from acting RAW general manager Baron Corbin, we now have a Corbin-Strowman program to enjoy.

On Monday Night RAW, Stephanie McMahon appeared and had a goal of keeping Team RAW unified and in one piece. This included finding a way to appease the angry Monster Among Men. In order to save her general manager from “getting these hands” from Strowman, Stephanie made him some concessions, if Braun kept his hands off of Corbin until after Survivor Series.

Braun requested two matches-one, an eventual Universal Title match against Brock Lesnar. The second, a match with Baron Corbin. Strowman stated he wanted Corbin first, and joked that he wanted the Lone Wolf to sign a waiver so that Braun wouldn’t be responsible for the damages.

Now, Dave Meltzer is reporting on Wrestling Observer Radio that the Corbin-Strowman clash is expected to be a major match at December’s TLC PPV. Given the types of matches the PPV is known for, along with Strowman’s request of a damages waiver, it would seem that these two are headed for a featured tables, ladders and/or chairs match.

-Also on Meltzer’s Observer Radio show, he discussed the other part of Braun Strowman’s match request-the Universal Title match.

Some initially speculated that such a clash of strong men could happen on The Grandest Stage of Them All-WrestleMania, next year in New Jersey. Meltzer is now reporting that the match will not be saved for WWE’s showcase PPV.

With Corbin and Strowman pencilled in for TLC, it seems very likely that we will get Strowman and Lesnar happening at the Royal Rumble in January.