CM Punk Returns to Take on Shane McMahon

There is an interesting rumor circulating the web, and I hope to God this one proves to be accurate. There are some rumblings CM Punk may be making his way back to wrestling and taking on Shane McMahon.

For those of you who boycotted Crown Jewel and are not caught up yet, it may be a little unclear why this rumor is going around today. Here are some vital facts you need to know.

Shane Wins Crown Jewel “Best in the World” Tournament

I do not want to mention the infamous pay-per-view too much, so here is the skinny on it. Shane won the “Best in the World” tournament, even though he was not entered in the match. If you remember, “Best in the World” was CM Punk’s gimmick, so many were surprised with the arrival of the cup at the infamous PPV. Its winner seemed even more dramatic considering the troubled history between the McMahon family and CM Punk.

CM Punk Could Rescue the WWE


The entire win was weird to say the least and Shane was not a gracious winner. In fact, his entire demeanor was almost heel-like, which made many believe it was a shoot at CM Punk.

A return for CM Punk could be more likely with the current problems the WWE is facing. The brand has lost a lot of respectability by continuing its Crown Jewel pay-per-view. They also suffered the loss of one of their main stars – Roman Reigns – who had to drop the title due to the return of his leukemia.

Despite the court cases and trouble with the WWE, CM Punk could be the one thing that saves the company. The CM Punk chants by the crowd have not died down over the years. And despite the fact Punk is a bit of a hothead, he is a terrific wrestler. Good on the mic and in the ring, he is exactly what the WWE needs at this point.

If we are to believe current rumors, CM Punk could be returning for WrestleMania. It is believed they will build Shane McMahon as a heel general manager, with Punk taking him on the grandest stage of them all. If this is the case, fans may forgive the unusual win and Shane calling himself the “Best in the World.”

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