UFC 229 Primer: Your Daily Dose of Conor McGregor

In just a few short days we’ll once against see Ireland’s finest son Conor McGregor in the cage. Oh what a joyous night it will be, with UFC 229 pitting the former featherweight- and lightweight champ against the Khabib Nurmagomedov, the reigning lightweight champ who sometimes wrestles bears.

At this point in fight week, the UFC is hype machine is in high gear. After all, they have to make sure every single person on the planet knows that McGregor is fighting, and that he’s awesome and cool and possesses superpowers. This is all to convince everyone to buy the pay-per-view – which they will!

And Conor will make both the UFC and Khabib (who’s undoubtedly getting percentage points on the pay-per-view) lots of money!

Anyway, in case you’re not sure who this McGregor guy is, Megan Olivi has got you covered.

In case you don’t know what the big deal, and are unsure if McGregor can actually fight, watch this.

Finally, here’s some open workout footage for you.

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