UFC 230: Daniel Cormier Says he Could Defend 205 Title, if Derrick Lewis Defeats Him

Since Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson are supposed to fight for the light-heavyweight title at UFC 232, Daniel Cormier’s run as the 205 champ is nearly done right? Well, recently “DC” raised the possibility that he could, maybe, end up defending the light-heavyweight belt…

Jones and Gustafsson are booked to fight on December 29th, and when the fight starts, Cormier will be stripped of the light-heavyweight title. In the interim, however, Cormier is scheduled to defend the heavyweight title against Derrick Lewis, November 3rd at UFC 230.

Well, recently Cormier met with the media, and while discussing his reign as the 205 champ, he said the following (quote via MMA Fighting):

“Because if I lose to Derrick, then who is to say I don’t go, ‘Hey, I’m gonna go defend my light heavyweight title. Now you can’t take it,’” Cormier said. “Maybe that adds a whole other part to the equation. You can’t take both of my belts if I lost that one. Right? So do I really have that much to lose if I have a second one? Look at it like that.”

“I am the light heavyweight champion until those guys fight,” Cormier added. “So if the light heavyweight champion loses his heavyweight title and goes, ‘Wait I’m willing to defend my belt,’ now we have some conversations to have.”

Would the UFC really change things up if Cormier loses to Lewis? And have him defend the light-heavyweight belt? Say against Jones? It’s possible, provided Cormier’s healthy and ready to go December 29th.

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