The UFC is Going to Regret Signing Ben Askren

Former Bellator- and ONE Championship star Ben Askren was a pain in the UFC’s butt long before he ever signed with them. Now that he’s officially a UFC fighter… oh, man, is it ever getting worse.

Setting aside the problems Askren’s wrestling is going to present to the rest of the division, and how he excels at making other fighters look bad, there’s the issue of him being the squeakiest of squeaky wheels.

For example, here’s Askren calling the UFC out for not throwing him a ticker-tape parade:

It will only get worse. Every little thing that Askren has a problem with – from fight offers to not enough blue M&M’s in his locker room – is going to broadcast to the universe. Every little thing.


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Add that to the fact that there’s a chance that Askren will lay on fighters until an entire division loses all notions of excitement with fans, and you’ve get a recipe for trouble.

I guess the one silver lining is that, because they’re best buds, Askren will never fight Tyron Woodley.

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