NXT TakeOver Will Include Big War Games Match!


I do not need to tell anyone that the product NXT is delivering is probably a hundred times better than that on the main roster. Now, one of my favorite matches – the War Games Match – is set to take place during takeover, providing me with another big surprise and affirming my belief that NXT has become the better wrestling brand.

What Is a War Games Match?

For those of you who are not familiar with the War Games Match yet, here is the skinny of it. The setup for the match includes two wrestling rings, two cages, and a couple of shark cages.

In the previous War Games Match, two teams started in the ring, with one of the three shark cages being opened after a certain time had elapsed. However, the match does not officially start until all teams are in the ring; this could mean some serious damage for those who go in first.

The War Games Match is considered as one of the most dangerous matches in Sports Entertainment, so getting this match on NXT is a rare treat indeed. I cannot wait to witness the next one!

Heavenly Participant Lineup

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this match, not only because of the unique nature of it, but also because of the participants. The match will include eight men and here they are!


High-flyer Ricochet is one my favorites to watch at the moment, but he may encounter some problems in a cage match. The possibilities to fly are a little limited, but I’m sure he will manage to make something spectacular out of it!

Pete Dunne

NXT Pete Dunne

When you want a little unpredictability and insanity in the ring, you cannot pass on the current United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne. The Bruiserweight also has some beef with the likes of Adam Cole and Roderick Strong, which makes this even more interesting.

The Undisputed Era


What would a War Games match be without a good faction to stir things up? One of the most successful factions NXT has ever seen is taking part in this epic match. It will surely be a “SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM.”

War Raiders

War Raiders

The final team to enter the match is bound to wreak some havoc. War Raiders have not been in NXT for that long, but they surely know how to leave some chaos. Can’t wait guys!

When Is It?

The War Games Match will take place during NXT Takeover: War Games II. It will be aired on November 17, live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the day before Survivor Series.