NXT In A Nutshell: War Raiders Get Their Shot

NXT In A Nutshell: War Raiders Get Their Shot

Hello again everyone! It’s that time yet again, not just any Nutshell, but the NXT Nutshell for the week! This week’s show is being billed as having a double main event. In one match, it’s undefeated-in-NXT Bianca Belair squaring off against Nikki Cross. In the other, the NXT tag team title belts are on the line as War Raiders challenge Undisputed Era. Seeing the War Raiders get their shot is as good a reason as any to tune in, and tune in we shall. It’s time to crack open this Nutshell!

Best Match of the night:

Of the two main events, even though both had non-finishes, there has to be a winner here, right? Not necessarily. I do think one was better than the other, however. If I was pressed to do so, I’d say that the tag team match gave me all that I could ask for in a tag title match. The women’s match was pretty good too.

Worst match of the night:

Baszler versus Baker did nothing for me.

Crowd Chants of the Night:




War Raiders

Let’s go Shayna

Let’s go Britt

Shayna’s gonna kill you

Holy sh!#

Nikki’s got a secret

Star of the Night

I like one of these. I don’t like the other.

But, I have to give the nod to two returning Superstars. First, Bobby Fish (this is the one I didn’t like, but I totally get it). Second, Aleister Black.

In the grand scheme, it’s a good thing to have both of them back in action.

Spot of the Night:

War Raiders are big men. And as far as big men go, they move like cruisers. No move in particular, but they just are fun to watch.

Jobber of the Night:

Britt Baker. Hands down. At least she can go back to being a dentist…too bad she’s from Pittsburgh…bet she has a few new fans and patients now.

Upset of the Night:

For tonight, it would be…or could be…the fans. We had two promising matches, billed as a double main event, and both matches never actually finished. War Raiders won by DQ and the Belair/Cross match was cut off by Aleister Black. Both were good returns, but to have both parts of a double main event end in non-finishes? Yeah, I could see why fans might be upset.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

What an in-ring return for Bobby Fish.

The only way I think his assault of War Raiders would have been better is if we had not seen Fish periodically over the course of his rehab and time on the shelf. Had we not seen him, then the return could have been a bit more surprising.

Noteworthy Moment:

Fish is back, as you figured he would be soon. When folks started speculating several weeks back that War Raiders and Undisputed Era would be on opposing sides of WarGames, I expected Undisputed Era to be four strong at that point. I won’t spoil the match announcement, but the announcement as indeed come and will be revealed on NXT TV soon enough. It’s a good one

Former NXT champ Aleister Black has returned from injury, and he immediately sought out the one who seems to have all the answers. We do eventually find out the whodunnit…though I am I think less pleased about this choice than not.

Next week, we are promised an NXT Championship announcement pertaining to WarGames.

Overall lowlights:

Double main events, ending in double non-finishes. Yes, both endings had value in the long run, so I suppose it balances out.

Overall highlights:

War Raiders and Undisputed Era surely setting up a WarGames match, and it’s going to be oh so good.

Aleister Black is back, and he wants answers

After the final bell:

Overall a good show. Disliked the two non-finishes, but where they are going with both angles is worthwhile…or at least, they should be worthwhile.

Someone needs to tell Bianca Belair that her wrestling ring attire can probably do without so many sparkles. The mat was covered by them, as was Nikki Cross.

Love seeing Aleister Black back. How long he stays in NXT is a mystery, so enjoy him while we can.


War Raiders defeat Undisputed Era due to outside interference from the returning Bobby Fish.

Shayna Baszler defeats Britt Baker via referee stoppage

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch defeat Tian Bing and Rocky

Bianca Belair and Nikki Cross ends in chaos as Aleister Black returns from injury and seeks answers from Nikki Cross.

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