UFC 229 Results: Nik Lentz Kills Even More of Gray Maynard’s Brain Cells

Once upon a time there was a fighter named Gray Maynard, and he had some fantastic fights against Frankie Edgar and was considered as among the elite of the lightweights. But now he’s about five years past his prime, and he absolutely cannot take a punch anymore.

Nik Lentz has had his ups and downs, yet he’s what you call a stalwart. His wrestling is good enough to snuff out most strikers’ games, his striking is enough to stun most grapplers, and he’s tougher than a two-dollar steak.

It doesn’t take long for Lentz to land some knuckles against Maynard’s skull, and much of the first round has the former title contender struggling to survive with all his brain cells (or at least those that remain intact). He makes it out of the round…

…Only to have Lentz kick him in the head so hard that Maynard faceplants. Yup, there go the last of Maynard’s brain cells.