Nick Diaz Tells TMZ There’s “No Way” Canelo Alvarez Would Beat Him in Boxing Bout at “My Weight”

The chances of Canelo Alvarez and Nick Diaz boxing anytime soon are likely slim to none. But, recently the latter argued that if they threw hands at his weight, there’s “no way” the boxing star would win…

TMZ recently caught up with Diaz, and the interview quickly moved into whether the Stockton star would take a boxing match with notable fighters like Alvarez. From there, Diaz opined the following (quote via Bloody Elbow):

“[Alvarez] is coming up to 168 and he’s fighting some no names. At the end of the day you’ll make more money fighting me,” said Diaz.

“Let’s be real Canelo moving up to my weight, he ain’t gonna win that fight. No way, come on man. You’re just basically one of them little guys I spar on before I fight … I am a professional fighter. I’ve had over 37 fights.”

How about that huh? All the boxing talk aside, here’s hoping we see Diaz back in the Octagon sooner than later. The outspoken fighter hasn’t competed now since 2015.

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