UFC Fight Night 138 Results: Misha Cirkunov Manhandles Coffee Dude Pat Cummins

Patrick Cummins Corey Anderson UFC Fight Night 128

Pat Cummins was scooped up from the ignominious lifestyle of a coffee barista and thrust into the Octagon as a late replacement against Daniel Cormier. Since then, he’s made a name for himself as a dude who scraps hard and sheds hella blood.

Misha Cirkunov is a Russian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert whose four Octagon wins have come from jiu-jitsu-ing the hell out of people.

Welcome to the UFC Fight Night 138 main card, folks.

Since Cummins does his best work over an extended period of time, Cirkunov wisely nips that in the bud by making this one short. First, he stuffs Cummins takedowns, then, when it does go horizontal, Cirkunov lands in top position – where he snags the head/arm choke. Cummins is more or less screwed, and eventually taps out.

Welp. So much for ex-coffee dudes.

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