UFC Fight Night 138 Results: Michael Johnson Out-Works Artem Lobov – OMG Conor’s Bro Lost

I’m starting to feel bad for Artem Lobov.

Sure, as Conor McGregor’s bro, he’s gotten a lot of extra chances to show his stuff in the Octagon. But the dude would be a TUF winner if not for the grappling skills of Ryan Hall. And it’s not really Lobov’s fault that Conor went buckwild and smashed a van with Khabib Nurmagomedov – which put Lobov on ice for a while.

In fact, when Khabib’s bro – Zubaira Tukhugov – got pulled from UFC Fight Night 138 for being an idiot, Lobov just wanted a fight. So when late-replacement Michael Johnson stepped in, and missed weight by a pound, Lobov was like, “Don’t sweat it, homey. That 20% fine by the Commission, I’m just going to give it back to you because you stepped up on short notice.” Lobov honestly seems like a good dude.

Unfortunately, his ability isn’t quite there, yet.

For three rounds last night, Lobov kept coming, kept throwing heat. But for three rounds, he just couldn’t quite figure out Johnson’s boxing and reach.

Don’t get me wrong, Lobov got some good licks in. But Johnson was just the slightly superior boxer, and at the end, the decision went to the guy who is decidedly NOT Conor McGregor’s ride or die bro.

Well, at least Lobov was able to get a paycheck.

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