Khabib’s Manager Talking Nonsense About Money, As You Do

Without question, it is the job of Ali Abdelaziz – the man who manages Khabib Nurmagomedov – to secure his client as much cheddar as possible for his hard work. And if Khabib did make a rumored three million bucks for facing Conor McGregor, then good job, Ali.

But a manager always has to think ahead to the next fight on the horizon. And putting aside the fact that Khabib has some sanctions to face for his post UFC 229 antics, there’s a big question mark about what’s next. What will Khabib do next? Who will he fight?

Well, Abdelaziz seems to think that because McGregor boasted that he’d be pulling in $50 million for facing Khabib, Khabib needs to make at least that much going forward for beating the Irishman.

(Note: that’s what Abdelaziz said. What comes out of a manager’s mouth is about as grounded in the truth as an episode of Dragonball Z.)

Is Khabib worth $50 million a fight? Hell no. And the only reason Khabib made that much to fight Conor is because… he was fighting Conor. Pit the lightweight champ against anyone else and he’ll be lucky to get a paycheck that exceeds a million.

Again, hyperbole and securing his client the biggest paycheck possible is Abdelaziz’s job. But come on, son. Let’s keep some semblance of reality in the discussion.

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