UFC 229 Results: Jussier Formiga Looks Ridiculous Riding Sergio Pettis Like a Tauntaun

Sergio Pettis UFC 225 Joe Benavidez

As the kid brother of former lightweight champ Anthony Pettis, Sergio has always had a lot to live up to. And yet somehow he hasn’t. Sure, he’s beaten a lot of dudes, but when he wins it’s usually by decision, and he does have his losses.

However, when it comes to unrealized expectations, Jussier Formiga has definitely got him beat. When the UFC started up their smaller divisions, Formiga was the Shooto champ-ringer who was expected to smoke everyone. He didn’t. Still, his jiu-jitsu is among the best in the UFC, so baby Pettis has his work cut out for him.

The bout gets underway and it’s clear Pettis is out to score points with his kicks and jabs from the outside while Formiga is keen on grappling him to death. And Formiga’s success grows with each round.

By the second, Formiga is on top in Pettis’ guard.

By the third, Formiga is stuck on Pettis’ back, looking ridiculous as he rides his opponent around like Luke Skywalker on a tauntaun in “The Empire Strikes Back”. Pettis is able to defend against the choke, but he’s stuck with the human backpack, and time runs out with them like that.

I mean, I guess this might mean Formiga deserves a title shot, but I don’t know…

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