Jonathan Coachman’s WWE Status, Melina Reacts To Evolution Challenge

Jonathan Coachman's WWE Status

‘- Despite not appearing on TV too frequently as of late, Jonathan Coachman is still part of WWE. He can be spotted on the pre-show panel before pay per views and is also working behind the scenes for some special projects, which are probably for the WWE Network. Even with a busy 2019 planned, Coachman is not going anywhere.

This is Coachman’s second run with WWE after his first one ended in 2008. He then worked for ESPN until 2017, when he signed with WWE again. Coachman was heavily featured as part of the RAW announce team before Renee Young was given his spot. It made Renee the first female to have a full time gig calling any WWE show.

Besides working for WWE, Coachman still serves as a correspondent for the Golf Channel.

– A trend for the Evolution pay per view has been current superstars challenging former names. That trend continued a few weeks ago when Naomi mentioned wanting to face Melina.

During an interview, Melina mentioned the chemistry she had in the ring with Mickie James due to their work ethics and believes the same thing would happen with Naomi.

“People who are appreciative and want to work with you – there’s nothing like it,” said Melina to Ring The Belle. When people don’t want to work with you, it’s – it makes for crappy matches. And people feel it. So, I feel like it’s gonna be the same way with Trinity [Naomi]. Her eagerness, her wanting to work and being a great person, as well as so creative, it would be a beautiful thing if we ever had a match.”

Melina is a former Divas and Women’s Champion, having held the two titles a total of five times. After a lengthy absence, she returned to the Indy scene in June of this year.

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