Have we Seen Georges St-Pierre Fight For The Last Time?

Georges St-Pierre has repeatedly said he’s not retired yet, but do his most recent comments point to a scenario, where we don’t see him fight again?

Ever since St-Pierre vacated the middleweight title he took from Michael Bisping last November, the former welterweight champ has said he’ll return to the Octagon, if he’s healthy, and the right fight comes along. More recently, St-Pierre’s reported that treatment he’s undergone for his ulcerative colitis is going well. So, this news, coupled with the fact St-Pierre talked about facing the winner of Khabib Nurmagomedov – Conor McGregor, sparked speculation the legend might return to the cage.

Well, following Khabib’s submission win over McGregor at UFC 229, GSP spoke with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani. While doing so, St-Pierre relayed that he’s really interested in fighting Nurmagomedov, as:

“…He’s a great champion, and in terms of legacy, I can’t think of a better fighter right now who has a better legacy than Khabib.”

But, St-Pierre has said several times that he doesn’t believe the UFC will let him fight for the 155 title, on account of the fact he never defended the middleweight belt. Further, Dana White has said he’s not interested in handing GSP a shot at the lightweight crown.

In addition, St-Pierre said that he’s not interested in signing any fight contract right now, since he’s still under treatment for his colitis. GSP also relayed the following (quotes via Bloody Elbow):

“The motivation is not the same that it used to be,” St-Pierre said. “I don’t have the same motivation to go to the lineup again and to fight my way up to another title. I’m done with this. I’ve done it for so many years.”

“I’m already set,” he added. “I have different companies that I’m involved with. Different real estate as well. In terms of money, I don’t need the money. I came out (of the sport) on top, healthy and wealthy, and want to keep it this way.

”…I want to return as a competitor but I need to listen to the logic as well. It needs to be worth it.”

So, based off these comments, is there a scenario out there that would bring GSP back to the Octagon? If a bout with Khabib isn’t going to be tabled? It’s kind of hard to imagine one at this juncture, even though St-Pierre also said there’s a chance he will fight in 2019.

Maybe St-Pierre would return to fight McGregor? If the latter called for that bout? But, that seems pretty unlikely as it stands right now. St-Pierre has said he’s not interested in going for the welterweight title again, so, a bout with Tyron Woodley is likely a non-starter too. If a 165 title was created, chances are GSP would be interesting fighting for that belt, on account it would present him the opportunity to make history by winning a third, UFC title. But here again, it’s hard to imagine the UFC going this route.

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