Elias Gets Crowd to Boo Him for Ten Minutes Straight!

WWE Elias

Despite his uncanny ability to make the crowd hate him once he starts playing, Elias is one of the most popular superstars at the moment. Of course, there are some lines you do not cross when insulting the members in the audience. But, Elias uses them successfully to get the necessary heel heat. This time he was a little too successful though, as the crowd booed him for 10 minutes!

Tag Team Special


During his weekly musical segment, he got the crowd booing for ten minutes straight after making a joke about NBA team the Supersonics. Of course, the booing was not just aimed at Elias, since this was a special musical moment involving Kevin Owens!

Kevin Owens and Elias appeared together during this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. The pair are set to take on John Cena and Bobby Lashley during Super Show-Down on Sunday.

During the segment, Elias commented on the fact that Seattle has been left without an NBA team, putting salt in the wound by stating the following:

“But you know what doesn’t make sense? John Cena teaming with Bobby Lashley.” – Kevin Owens

“Kev, it doesn’t make sense. It’s like having a basketball team in Seattle.” – Elias

Lessons to Learn from the Epic Boo

Believe it or not, there are some things other superstars can learn from the inspirational boo Elias got during Monday Night Raw. A lot of superstars have problems getting the crowd to boo them, mainly because they are so popular. He’s one of those people, but he gets the crowd to turn easily.

One of the sure ways to make the crowd despise you is by insulting the local sports team. Boom! Every time the crowd is on his side, he picks on the crowd’s favorite sports team to get the crowd riled up. You’ve got to give it to him though, he does his sports team research and it works like a charm!

Elias may not be wrestling as much as some of the other superstars these days, but his mic work is so excellent I don’t really mind. In fact, we could all use a little more Elias in our lives.

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