Does NXT UK Represent the Future Business Model for WWE?

In anticipation of WWE launching it’s new NXT UK weekly series next week, NXT founder HHH did an interview with the UK Mirror Sport Friday that shed light on what his intentions are for not only WWE’s newest brand, but the company’s future abroad.

“I’m excited. It’s exciting to get going its been something that we’ve been working at for a long time,” HHH told Mirror Sport“The talent pool here is so deep and so good that its been something that I’ve been wanting to put out in a bigger way to the world.”

WWE’s Vice President announced the creation of NXT UK in June at WWE’s UK Championship Tournament:

“There’s amazing talent here. I just want to put that out to the world… For me this is step one of what we’ve talked about before – branching out globally and creating this system, a global presence, that can create a clear path and a career choice,” HHH said of NXT UK.

On Thursday, it was reported by Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer newsletter that the WWE Performance Center – the Orlando, Florida-based developmental training center that prepares new and veteran talent for NXT – might be replicated abroad, particularly in the UK.

Training potential wrestlers around the world might mean WWE has something bigger in mind for its future business model than simply the U.S.-based NXT, Raw and Smackdown brands.

HHH – who has already revolutionized the industry through the creation of the Performance Center and NXT – basically said as much in his interview Friday.

“That they can be a part of the NXT system globally, and over the course of a 10-15 year career go through multiple territories and get a wide-range of experience and have a very meaningful career even if it never went to Raw or SmackDown…” HHH said of the talent he seeks to develop now and in the coming years. “Whether that’s NXT UK or other markets, you’re going to see individuals that are in those markets with the ability to move around to different markets.”

HHH continued:

“I think you’ll see as that develops globally, whether that’s NXT UK or other markets, you’re going to see individuals that are in those markets with the ability to move around to different markets. If you spend a period of time in the UK but you need something more, there’s an opportunity to do something different, go to India or South America, and explore a different style, territory or experience level – much like you do now in the Indys, but putting some parameters around that, some professionalism on a global basis…”

The entire interview is worth the read, particularly for fans who want insight on how HHH –  the man everyone believes will have the most influence on the WWE product over the next few decades – thinks about the company long-term and what that means for the future of professional wrestling.


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