UFC 229 Results: Derrick Lewis Takes a Beating, Comes Back to Knock Alexander Volkov Out

Heavyweight slugger Derrick Lewis doesn’t have the best cardio, nor the best grappling. But his punches are deadly, and they generally stay deadly all the way through the final seconds of the fight.

Alexander Volkov was a badass heavyweight in Bellator, and since coming to the UFC, he’s been a badass in the Octagon. What happens when you put these two together at UFC 229?

As the taller, rangier fighter, Volkov immediately starts chipping away at “The Black Beast” with punches and kicks at distance, and in no time, Lewis is covering up against the cage just eating fist after fist. He survives each onslaught, but just barely, and when Volkov trips him down and pounds on him, Lewis barely survives there, too.

Then comes the waning seconds of Round 3, when Lewis uses the only effective weapon he’s ever had: a monstrous cross that takes people’s heads off. He lands it flush on Volkov’s noggin’, and the Russian goes down. The follow-up punches from above have Volkov out cold and Lewis victorious.

Man, what a comeback.

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