Braun Strowman Favorite for WWE Universal Championship

WWE fans wholeheartedly believe Braun Strowman will become the next WWE Universal Champion. With odds in his favor, Strowman is in line to take the prestigious title.

Braun Strowman Versus Brock Lesnar

Crown Jewel

Shortly after Roman Reigns revealed he was forced to drop the title due to the return of his leukemia, the WWE announced that the Universal Championship match would not be a one-on-one for the vacant title. Thus, the match is now a singles match involving Braun and Lesnar.

The Odds

Braun Stroman

Fans have their clear preference when it comes to the winner of the Universal Championship. Current odds are 2/5 in favor of Strowman and 7/4 in favor of Lesnar.

Fans may have their preference for the winner, but we know the WWE might not be seeing the same thing. The situation involving Roman Reigns could also have an influence on the event, since they could decide to obtain Brock on a more permanent basis.

Nobody wants to see another Brock Lesnar championship reign, especially with things as they are in the WWE. I find myself bored every week, with NXT the only show I truly look forward to watching. Another championship Lesnar reign could make me stop watching altogether as a fan and only watching simply from a reporter’s perspective.

The Potential of Braun Strowman as a Face Champion

While the WWE may not realise it, they have liquid gold in their hands with Braun Strowman as the WWE Universal Champion. Keeping him babyface would certainly be a good idea, especially considering the large number of heels that could put on a good match against Strowman.

Survivor Series is coming up at the end of November as well, which means there is the potential of seeing the Universal Champion facing the WWE Champion. Strowman could also take on a heel from the SmackDown brand. Shinsuke Nakamura, Miz (who is hilarious when he needs to face Strowman), and Randy Orton are just a few possibilities.

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