WWE Security Confiscates Becky Lynch Signs

When I heard about that WWE security confiscated Becky Lynch signs from fans at Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV, I face-palmed my head so hard I gave myself a headache. While quickly grabbing an aspirin, I asked myself how I was going to write this story without expressing too much disgust. The answer I came up with? It is not possible, so I will let rip on the WWE once more.

What Happened During the Match Between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair?

So, here’s the scoop. At the start of the SmackDown Women’s Championship match between Becky and Charlotte, you may have noticed some “Boo the Woo” signs, held up by fans supporting a heel Becky Lynch. However, these signs mysteriously disappeared as the match progressed. Turns out, security had confiscated the signs.

The signs were apparently distributed by a Becky super fan called Kim, known by her twitter handle @kimberlasskick. However, as you can see by her Twitter post above, WWE security decided to confiscate her signs. What?!

Freedom of Speech

I’m not American, but British/Belgian, yet the irony of this story is funny. Isn’t America all about freedom of speech? Yet, WWE decided to take signs away from WWE fans, a tradition that has been there from the beginning.

While I can understand taking signs away that are offensive or sexist, the signs created by Kim were not rude or offensive, so what was the purpose of taking them away? It is another prime example of the WWE trying to control fans and their reactions. What’s next? Kicking people out because they are cheering a heel? It is heading in that direction.

Remember the good old days in the Attitude Era? You could support who you wanted, cheer who you wanted, and have signs supporting who you wanted. Now, it seems the WWE has a culture of censorship taking on ridiculous proportions.

The signs are not difficult to understand. Many people wanted Becky to get another title reign, because she has been deserving of another one for a long time. Why censor the people who are supporting her? Nobody hates Charlotte, they just want to see Becky succeed. So disappointed in the WWE and this unfounded censorship.

Fan Reactions

I am not the only one who is sorely disappointed in the WWE and their decision to confiscate signs from fans. Here are some of my top picks from fans, including some well-directed gifs.

One fan had an interesting comment to make. However, my reply to the crane cam comment below is the following. I have seen signs for ages in that section at almost every pay-per-view. There is a guy in the front row who always has a Ziggler sign – sometimes even several Ziggler signs – and is at every event. How do you explain away him? Also, the size of those signs are so small, they could not possibly pose a danger to the crane cam.


The Moral of the Story

In the words of Connor the Crusher, “stop your craziness!” The WWE reminds me more of politics lately. If they do not like it, they shut you up.

My other half has a fun analogy for the WWE. Every time I mention an idea of something good that could happen, he goes: “It’s the WWE, fun is not allowed.” Unfortunately, with every passing day, I am starting to think he is right.

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