WWE Has Its Next Big Villain In Aiden English – If They Don’t Mess It Up

On the September 18th episode of SmackDown Live, the sun finally set on Rusev Day. An odd couple of singing Aiden English and Bulgarian Brute Rusev finally went their separate ways as English’s ‘try-hard’ antics cost Rusev regaining the US Title from Shinsuke Nakamura. But it wasn’t Rusev who turned, instead it was English. Fed up with being disrespected by Rusev and his wife Lana, English attacked Rusev with the mic before singing “Happy Rusev Day”, perhaps for the final time.

While many will see this as a moment for Rusev to get the ‘baby-face’ push he’s been long due, I viewed it as something different. WWE does indeed have a star with massive potential on their hands. One who can bring a unique depth of character currently missing on SmackDown. That man is Aiden English.

Aiden English: Star Of Ring And Screen

Aiden English has been a tag specialist in both NXT and the main roster. But before he joined Rusev or the Vaudevillians, English was a singing and dancing singles start on the developmental brand. English would sing himself to the stage parodying a Broadway song. He was a big hit with the crowd and his star qualities showed. While a tag team specialist, English has stood out and made himself ‘over’ with the fans. In an age of static baddies and good guys, English’s singing and stage presence help him stand out.

If WWE plays this right, they could have the next unique villain to go after AJ Styles. English is a throw-back to the campy heels of the 80s that didn’t win much but still became popular with fans due to their persona.

As for comparisons to Elias? Why can’t WWE have two singing bad-guys? Think of it like Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze. They have the same powers but deploy them against different foes in different ways.

Just a thought. Here’s hoping there are big things in store for English. 

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