WWE Celebrates Stephanie McMahon’s Birthday With A Video Showing What A Monster She Is

There are two Stephanie McMahon’s in WWE. There’s the public-facing face of the company. A powerful woman in business dedicated to philanthropy and female-empowerment. Then there’s RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, a ruthless and vile witch-with-a-b who tortures her underlings until finally getting destroyed at WrestleMania. She is the most hated person in WWE. Without a doubt the biggest heel and ultimate bad-guy. She has replaced her father as the Authority Figure that every little guy wants to smack right in the face. WWE knows we love to hate Steph, so to celebrate her 42nd Birthday, WWE put together the ultimate compilation video. Not of Steph giving inspiration speeches or hanging with Make-A-Wish, but doing what she’s best at; slapping the taste of peoples’ mouths.

We all love to hate Steph. I would never want to be slapped by her, kayfabe or not. Poor Tom Phillips, Steph straight-up iced that dude.

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