Report: The Rock’s Daughter Training At WWE Performance Center

Wrestling is a family business, and perhaps this isn’t a bigger family in the sport than the Samoan Anoaʻi family. The dynasty produced Rikishi, The Wild Samoans, Rosey, Roman Reigns, and the Usos. A cousin of the family is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson whose grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia was the blood brother of Anoa’i patriarch Amituana’i. Well, another generation of the Samoan Dynasty is getting between the ropes. Simone Johnson, daughter of The Rock has allegedly been training off and on at the Performance Center in Orlando.

Here’s more via ProWrestlingSheet:

“…Simone has been training part-time at the PC for the past few months, mainly just occasional sessions with trainers, but there’s word going around that she’ll be starting at the facility in a more serious manner in the near future. Since she’s still in high school, it’s safe to assume that factors into her schedule.”

Should The Rock’s Daughter Wrestle?

Sure. But, she’s only 17 and WWE isn’t going to put teenagers in the ring. If she’s serious, expect WWE to give her a few years of polish. Even Ric Flair’s daughter Charlotte had to start from the bottom and earn her keep. Familial relation doesn’t always equal success, either. So, don’t expect Simone to be her dad out of the gate. If Simone decided to pursue wrestling, I hope she does it on her terms without any pressure to carry her family legacy. No doubt WWE will use her father to promote her, but that’s just smart business.

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