Mick Foley’s Role At “Hell In A Cell” Explained

This Sunday’s Hell In A Cell PPV went from boring to bonkers in a short amount of time. WWE stacked the card with blood feuds and the matches taking place inside the cell promise to be violent and entertaining. The main event is for the Universial Title with Braun Stromwn cashing in his Money In The Bank contract to face new champion Roman Reigns. The feud has featured both a Shield reunion and the whole ‘heel’ locker room ganging up against the Hounds of Justice with Strowman as their Monstrous Overlord.

But if you thought WWE was going to stop the intrigue and excitement there, BOY YOU WERE WRONG. The final RAW before HIAC brought a surprising twist that serves as a big nod to the most iconic moment in ‘Cell match history. Hardcore legend Mick Foley – looking sprier and in better shape than he has in a decade – will be the special guest referee for the title bout.

Mick Foley’s Deep Connection To Hell In A Cell

Mick Foley is the first name I and many other fans think of when the unforgiving steel of HIAC comes to mind. Foley’s iconic match against the Undertaker solidified his place in wrestling lore and created two of the most iconic moments in the sport’s history. This past year Foley went on a “20 Years Of Hell” tour recounting his memories of wrestling and that fateful night in particular. Insiders and observers both say that the match established Foley as probably the best hardcore wrestler ever. Ironically, it both solidified Foley as a star and began the slow decline of his career from a physical standpoint. Foley struggled with a host of injuries following the match.

Foley speaks of his time on and under the cage with fondness and trepidation. He understands the importance of the moment, and its danger. Many have tried to replicate and top Foley’s fall, but each one still comes off as a mere tribute. Nothing will ever beat it, because it was the moment that defined the genre.

As for Foley’s duties on Sunday, they’re familiar territory for the Hardcore Legend. Foley has guest officiated a few matches in the past, but this is first one in WWE in some time. Concerns about Foley’s health and agility were put at ease as he smoothly jogged to the ring and then jumped on the apron with ease. Foley underwent hip replacement surgery a few years back and looks to be in his best shape in years.

Whether or not he will come to play in the finish of the match remains to be seen. For now, it looks like WWE is giving the nod to Foley on the 20th anniversary of the match of his career.